To meet big challenges, you need to move the right levers.

Ballsystem® has developed and patented a system with a ‘cold’ method to repair small to medium-sized dents, damage from car circulation or from hail, without painting.

Since it was set up, Ballsystem has taken up the challenge of playing the role of innovator in the car dent repairs, promoting craftsmanship and human know-how, to map out paths of excellence.

Continuous innovation in the method and procedures, that today cannot be separated from environmental protection, through a practical strategy to reduce environmentally harmful emissions.

Compared to the traditional system, the Ballsystem method is completely Zero Emissions, and reduces the impact on the environment to the minimum, not only because no fillers or paint are used to repair dents, but also thanks to a series of interventions along the whole repairing line that makes it the greenest on the market.