Business Innovation

Ballsystem places people at the centre designing protection and training plans for teams and individuals, constantly growing both from the human and professional point of view.

Expertise & Insurance services

A series of services devised to mediate and facilitate the rapport when insurance companies are involved. Thanks to the experience gained, Ballsystem acts as the sole interlocutor reducing dramatically the logistic undertaking of the customer, in managing the damage.

Fleet operations

Ballsystem Fleet operations are a series of prompt actions carried out managing and restoring large fleet, cars for short-term and long-term rental and car parks.

Driver management

An organization that offers a global view of drivers management, the productivity of the activities and their correct arrangement.


The Audit service checks on the correctness of the activities and creates monitoring systems to improve the company effectiveness.

Restore and repair

Ballsystem technical know-how has created a series of advanced services for restoring and repairing that are tailored around each specific need, to always provide the customer with the most efficient and effective solution.

Logistic management

The customer’s requests are processed through specific systems of planning, checking and technical implementation that ease the logistics procedures and that are carried out on the logistics mobility.