Restore and repair

Ballsystem technical know-how has created a series of advanced services for restoring and repairing that are tailored around each specific need, to always provide the customer with the most efficient and effective solution.

  • Traditional body method

    The traditional body shop approach is improved with new instruments and new technical skills. An advanced repair system for medium-sized to large damage that works to restore the body to perfection.

  • Smart repair

    Alloy wheels and the interior gain a new life with the work of the Smart Repair team, that operates on the upholstery, texturized bumpers and ventilation systems with specific products that eliminate any persisting trace.

  • Damages from contamination

    Sand, concrete, paint, chemicals, acid rain and the very common and aggressive tree resin can impact heavily on the car. Using particular products Ballsystem carries out a true decontamination of the damaged parts, both interior and exterior.


  • PDR Ballsystem

    The cold method by Ballsystem fixes small to medium size damage, combining the know-how of the the craftsman to a system of patented tools, like hammers and levers used inside the body panels. Without painting, the Ballsystem PDR method reduces costs, time and environmental impact.

  • Spot Repair

    For small to medium damage to paint, Spot Repair uses precision instruments and restore the body to the original status with no need to change the damaged part.

  • Disassembly and assembly

    Skilled technicians trained on the technical characteristics of every automotive brand deal with disassembling and assembling the parts of the vehicle when it is not possible to operate from outside.