Logistic management

The customer’s requests are processed through specific systems of planning, checking and technical implementation that ease the logistics procedures and that are carried out on the logistics mobility.

  • Implant

    Ballsystem technicians carry out a direct installation in the customer’s place with support from remote directed by Ballsystem personnel who manages and channels the processes and the amount of repair from the head quarters.

  • Centralized invoicing

    The invoices from different sources are channeled and entered in the centralized accounting system to ensure immediate usability of statements, always up to date and useful for managing the cost accounting for each order.


  • Integrated logistics

    The services are integrated thanks to constant collaboration with partners of the supply chain of excellence, that add their experience to the range of intervention of Ballsystem.


  • Network management

    Greenpartner network and that of the supply chain partners of Ballsystem are looked after and kept up to date with a communication system that maintains each reality in close contact with the mother house.