Expertise & Insurance services

A series of services devised to mediate and facilitate the rapport when insurance companies are involved. Thanks to the experience gained, Ballsystem acts as the sole interlocutor reducing dramatically the logistic undertaking of the customer, in managing the damage.

  • Damage management

    Upon receiving the data of the damage, a complete and well organized management starts: phone calls, appointment planning and checks, meeting the customer’s needs.


  • Car examination

    The car is photographed and inspected, creating material to analyze, to evaluate thoroughly and precisely the state of the car.


  • Buy back examination

    The damage on vehicles that have to be returned to the mother house are quantified and it is checked if the car needs any intervention before handing it to the dealer.



  • Claims settlement

    To facilitate the transactions between the parties concerned, it is possible to delegate Ballsystem, that will be in charge of the financial management of the situation.