Business Innovation

Ballsystem places people at the centre designing protection and training plans for teams and individuals, constantly growing both from the human and professional point of view.

  • Technical coaching

    Ballsystem Academy provides double training, technical training for the Greenpartners and managerial training for the management of the affiliates.


  • Traditional marketing

    Ballsystem offers partners support in planning and developing traditional communication strategies.



  • Digital marketing

    Ballsystem provides counseling to plan global digital and social media marketing strategies.

  • Workshops and events

    A department that is in charge of the organization of events for body shops, demonstrations, partnerships in fairs of the sector: a consistent system that joins workshops and  events in the Ballsystem family.


  • Observatory

    An ambitious centre of monitoring of the specific market, forecast, survey and analysis of changes. Ballsystem observatory. It allows speedy reactions to changes and to new business opportunities.