Ballsystem protagonist at Automotive Dealer Day 2019

The 3day Automotive Dealer Day 2019 ended, the main event in Europe for the car industry. It gathered in Verona almost 5 thousand operators, with a 10% increase compared to 2018. Italian dealers, car manufacturers, company in the repair chain and trade associations discussed the challenges of an industry that is always advancing with new technologies, consumption trends, innovative services and business strategies.

Looking at car sharing, the mobility of the future and integrated mobility, they are fast growing, however they don’t dispute the car as a personal possession. 46% Italians see themselves driving their car in the future, a car that is going to be more and more technological, connected with personal device, that integrates naturally in the the pace of life, work and people’s passions.

Ballsystem has stressed the value of the customer’s journey and on an innovative approach to assist and repair damage from circulation in a way that tends to eliminate the distance between the assistance chain and the dealers, with more and more integrated, smart and sustainable services, in terms of efficiency, speed and respect for the environment.

‘Innovation and digitalization change the approach to the car industry that becomes more and more a commodity’ stated Antonello Fiorenza, General Manager of Ballsystem. ‘The evolution of consumption styles and of the car requires the service supply chain to leap forward to intercept the needs of the users, and reinvent customer experience of the individual customer with exclusive tailored services.
Ballsystem has long started to digitize the procedures, from booking to return of the car, for an integrated channeling that ensures our customers, in this case the dealers, an improvement in terms of efficiency and profitability. To be a valuable partner for dealers means for Ballsystem to be at their side in the customer care management with a widespread network of One Stop Shop, a proximity network that reduces sensibly working time and loss of use of the car, maintaining uniformity in the service and very high quality standards nationwide.

Ballsystem brought to ADD2019 a virtuous example of respect for the environment, in a time when changing to sustainable supply chain system is not a plus, but a global duty. The development of a patented zero emission method to repair damage from circulation and hailstorm without painting is a virtuous model, both in terms of sustainability and productivity, with a dramatic reduction in the operational costs and a sensible increase in efficiency and profitability for all the supply chain operators.

Appointment with the 18th edition in Veronafiere from 19 to 21 May 2020.