BallSystem has built up an outstanding network, offering an entirely new vision of the repair sector, together with a damage prevention consulting service.


The revolutionary approach and the method developed in-house allow the company to carry out paint-free work on hail damage and small-medium dents; this means the manufacturer’s warranty remains unaffected, cutting repair prices thanks to the highly qualified staff employed.

The BS network

The company has created an extensive network of BallSystem points, which has now spread worldwide. This is an open system, integrated with the local communities it operates in, with which BS works hand in hand.

The systems thus become complementary, with activities being carried out fully independently yet interacting with one another in order to guarantee customers with the best results possible. The dynamic, flexible nature of a business network such as BallSystem allows for an exceptionally close connection with the local area, coupled with a major capacity for expansion, making BS a continually growing company.


BallSystem services are aimed at a wide range of customers at all levels: vehicle fleets, hire companies logistics service providers, car manufacturers and insurance companies, as well as showrooms, body shops and private customers. Specific methods are used for each category, decided on by the company following consulting and analysis to determine the most effective way to work together.

Collaboration agreements

BallSystem collaborates with a large number of companies that have been operating for years in all sectors related with the automotive industry, thus maximising the quality of the end product thanks to their specific skills. The company is always open to new types of partnership, with a view to guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

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