The history

Back in the early 1990s, a company with a solid grounding in vehicle accident repair was the first to perceive a potential new opening in the automotive sector. Shifting its attention towards the repair of hail- damaged vehicles, the company began experimenting with new approaches and a revolutionary new intervention method able to yield perfect results both swiftly and inexpensively. Today, the BallSystem network is in constant expansion, offering an exhaustive range of services able to meet your vehicles’ every need.

The BallSystem story began with years of experience in traditional bodywork.

BallSystem were already experts in the traditional repair sector, with a particular focus on accident vehicle repair.

A drive for innovation subsequently led BS® to experiment with new types of paint-free repair on hail-damaged vehicles: "cold" repairs.

Further growth led to the development of new sectors, such as the Academy and the R&D centre, as well as two new methods: Smart and Spot Repair.

The BS network thus began to take shape, with the share capital paid up reaching € 100,000.00.

BallSystem is present throughout Italy and worldwide, and is able to boast a large number of increasingly effective activities and methods.

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