Car repair

The tools engineered and patented by BS allow for a unique type of repair, able to deal with small and medium-scale damage using a paint-free method, thus solving the problem rapidly and at an affordable cost.

Dismantling and assembly

BS boasts a team of expert, fully qualified technicians able to dismantle and assemble car parts that cannot be worked on from outside. They are specialised in the various makes of vehicle so as to provide the best possible service in each specific case.

Damage from contamination

BS repairs damage caused by environmental elements such as cement, sand, paint, chemicals and acid rain, using specific products and tools able to decontaminate the affected element. The most common types of damage caused by agents such as tree resin become easy to remove.

Smart Repair

The Smart Repair division takes care of repairs to alloy wheels and vehicle interiors, using specific products and tools for carpets and textured bumpers, as well as repairing and purifying ventilation systems and removing persistent odours.

Spot repair

BS Spot Repair handles small and medium-scale damage to paintwork, leaving it as good as new.

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