BallSystem is able to stay at the top thanks to the constant professional training provided in-house. The BS Academy organises both individual and group courses, and works together with institutions such as professional training schools in order to allow school-leavers to gain a foothold on the job market, as well as providing specialised BS method® training to professionals in the sector.


Using a customer-oriented approach, the company is committed to the administration and management of the body shops in its network, thus guaranteeing customers the 360-degree assistance the BallSystem philosophy is based on. The company’s experience, rooted in its sound knowledge of the sector and the techniques used, ensures a smooth relationship between the various parties involved, thus guaranteeing an effective, efficient repair.


BS Fleet Management has been meticulously developed in order to guarantee rapid communication and cut end costs. Use analyses are carried out using leading-edge systems able to take account of all running costs, thus providing a precise result, with no surprises.

The Hail Team

A group of specialists that work together with insurance companies with a view to offering all-round B2C assistance.

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